“Fuck You”


Fuck is a noun and considered offensive and vulgar. The word is most likely of Germanic origin. It cognates with a number of meanings involving striking, rubbing and having sex.

Dutch: fokken (to breed, to beget)

German: ficken (to fuck)

Norwegian: fukka (to copulate)

Swedish (dialect): focka (to strike, to copulate)

To fuck someone means to have sexual intercourse with them. If someone uses an expression such as “fuck it”, “fuck that” or “fuck you”, they are expressing anger or the fact that they do not care about someone or something.

But if you use “Fuck You” for YŪ jewellery and do care, you get a beautiful Fuck YŪ, so fuck you? or just “fuck”…beautiful YŪ!

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925 Sterling Silver + 18K Gold plating, high gloss


20 mm

Beam Thickness

1,2 mm